Monday, March 14, 2005

Pulling Back

I am pooped and it is only 2 pm. In an hour I am expecting the distance ed teacher to show up and collect all the schoolwork samples I have managed to put together for her evaluation. Tonight I have to do an educational meeting on carbohydrate addiction and insulin resistance and how they contribute to fat to do, and then I am going to collapse.

In a few days, I will officially enter my third trimester of pregnancy and already I am showing signs of being there. My tummy is huge at the end of the day thanks to gravitational pull and the fact that I am a *senile* grand multipara (to use the official medical lingo) and have no muscle tone left in my abdominals. Everything hurts whether I sit or stand, and my hips ache at night from lying on one side or the other, while lying on my back makes me breathless.

It is time to cut out the evening activities because I am finding that I just don't have the stamina for it anymore. I did some work the other evening, and by the time I was finished around 9, I literally felt sick with the fatigue. If it doesn't get done in the day, it won't get done.

I am looking forward to June. With all being well, I should have the kids I am teaching done all their schoolwork for the year by May 30 or so. Then I will collapse and kick back to rest until baby arrives. Of course, I may get bit by the painting bug. I am already feeling the urge to repaint the downstairs hallway and touch up the odd spot here and there on the living room walls. Why do I find it so hard to take the rest my body is shrilly demanding?

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