Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I Have an Excellent Husband

And here's why: The poor man has been away from home continuously since mid February. First there was a business trip back east to see various business associates in our home-based business. Then when he got home from that, he was sent out of town to work on Vancouver Island for the phone company he works for. He managed to take one of our sons down with him for a bit of some one-on-one time with him and a bit of adventure away from mom while he was at it. Then he flew home for a few days and then was off to Fort Worth for a business convention. While he was gone, my washer had one of its regularly scheduled emotional breakdowns and leaked gallons of water all over my floor. This happens nearly every time Marc leaves town. All my appliances are emotionally attached to him and his maintenance and they can't handle it when he is away. It is hard to let laundry go in this household because of all the people living here, and doing the laundry every few days was costing me $15 just to wash everything.

Marc got home late on Sunday evening and spent Monday getting organized for a business meeting on that evening. He also went to town to see if he could find a part for my washer so it would stop crying all over my mudroom floor. Instead, he came home and announced that on Tuesday I could expect a delivery of not only a new front loading Maytag washer, but also a new Kenmore fridge because our other fridge was crying all over the floor on a daily basis too. On Saturday I am getting a matching Maytag dryer.

Did I also mention that he replaced my set of Lagostina pots because the first set wasn't performing properly, AND he also got me a better massage table for my office? The latter was picked up on a night when I had left the house with all the children so that he could pack without distraction and in peace. Instead, he ran into town to get me the table before he flew away so that I could have a better quality piece of equipment for my own work and surprised me with it when I got home.

I know a lot of women get all pouty if they don't get romantic gifts like jewelry or roses, but it says much more to me when my Beloved gets me the tools I need to get my work done. To me that demonstrates the fact that he is noticing what I do and when I need something, and he does his best to provide for me.

I am very grateful to be married to a man who has supported me and all our children over the past 25 years, and does it all uncomplaining and without grudging us what we need. He's the best!

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