Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Cheryl's Fan Club

This isn't what you think. My fan club is not a list of people who love and adore me. I jokingly said to a friend after the recent church fellowship bash that I ought to start a fan club of people who love me, but that seems a bit too cheeky to attempt and I might be embarrassed by how few want to join. Instead, Cheryl's Fan club is dedicated to a group of people I have come to love, admire, respect, and sometimes even adore. Expect to see people added to list from time to time. If you think you should be on this list and don't see your name, please do contact me at and list reasons why I should love you and be your fan. Also, do not despair if you don't see yourself here. I am not intending this to be an exhaustive list. I am just listing off people who have touched my heart in recent days and want to gush a bit about them.

I have an embarrassment of riches in my friends and family. Some foolish person once said a long time ago that you could only have one close friend in your life. I think he must have been a semi-hermit or misogynist or something. I have taken the words of Proverbs to heart: If a man (or woman) would have friends, he (she) must prove himself friendly. I love people. There are very few truly ugly and unlikeable people in the world and everyone has something beautiful about them if you would just take the time to look for it. Sometimes you just connect with people at the level of the heart and soul, no matter what their age or gender. This is a tribute to those who have enriched my life; a sort of reverse eulogy for the living.

Here are some of the people I am a fan of:

Dad -- He's the best father in the world. Any of the things he may beat himself up for with regards to me are actually my fault and not his. If I don't measure up the way I ought to, it wasn't because I lacked a good example to follow.

Mom -- She's the classiest and most beautiful woman I know. I only wish I looked more like her. One of the delights of my life has been to watch my Mom continue to grow in grace.

Dar -- We fought worse than cats and dogs, to my parent's chagrin. But she finally grew out of it [:oP] and became the best sister a girl could have. She still serves to keep me humble, but it is much more fun being friends now than it was being sparring partners as children. Too bad we hadn't discovered that when we were young.

Queen Willy -- What does one say about one of the best and truest friends a girl has ever had? She loves me, prays for me, worries about me, and holds me to the standard of God's Word when it appears I am about to cut loose. She is the one who holds up my faltering arms in the days of battle. She is my Jonathan; my soul is knit to hers.

Cal -- Cal has bound up my bruised and bleeding soul numerous times during seasons of sore trials. He is truly a beautiful soul. He ought to charge for his hugs because I think that is the most effective part of his therapy.

Shelley -- Anyone who shares a love for hemp necklaces, beautiful beads, streaked or colored hair, cool glasses, Great Big Sea and funky clothing is my soul sister. She is spunky and brave.

Allie -- The fair maid of Arkansas. She was both shy and yet seemed so at ease the first time I got to meet her. The little time I spent with her was pleasant and some day I hope to spend a lot more time with her.

Ed -- My Sweet Wooly Baa Lamb. Ed calls out extreme maternal instincts in me and I want to stroke his curly head and kiss his boo boos all better. I adore Ed. And better yet, he adores me.

Nick -- How many ways can you say "kindred spirit?" I have never had a younger brother ( or even any brother), but if I did, I would probably love him the way I love talented, sensitive, witty, intelligent and godly Nick. He, like Willena, blows away the chaff and keeps the good. He, like she, allows me to be transparent without judging me harshly and yet holds me accountable the way all friends should. The kisses of an enemy are deceitful, but faithful and often gentle are the wounds of a friend.

Pastor Greg -- How can you not love a shepherd who loves the sheep? When I look at Greg, I see Christ in him. I will succeed in life if I could have a tenth of the Christian grace and humility that Greg displays.

Lovely Lonna -- Greg's helpmate. Lonna is a delight and part of her magnetic charm lies in the fact that she makes me feel like I make her feel better. Laughing with Lonna over life's trials is always good therapy for the down at heart.

Belinda, Amanda, Tams, Doralynne, and Jody -- all but one, former Soles girls. I have often envied Cathie and Grant for their daughters and wished they were mine. Mander and Tams, I miss you! If I didn't love Josh and Shawn too, I would be writing them nasty notes for carrying you away to foreign soil.

Martin -- If I hadn't already christened Ed the Baa Lamb, I would append the title to Martin. He is deceptively pitt bullish if you dare to defend bad theology or arguments, but in person one of the quietest and most congenial souls around. What a delight to visit with him and I hope it happens again and often.

Trisha -- She was the companion of my youth and the one who wasn't ashamed to be my friend when everyone else thought I was weird and not cool. We did everything together and some of my best childhood memories involve her. She showed me how to be a creative individual at an early age, and I hope if she is reading this she will drop me a line again. (hint, hint)

More to come, but not necessarily tomorrow...

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