Monday, August 02, 2004

A Marc Update

Ok, I went in this morning and saw my poor hubby. He's not feeling well, but doing a bit better than in previous days.

Like the smart boy he is, he refused Tylenol for his fever. It isn't that high a fever, and when you are producing triglycerides like nobody's business, stressing your liver with toxic drugs that normally take 2 weeks to metabolize is not a good thing to do. Plus fever serves a purpose: the immune system raises the internal temperature in order to cook invading organisims.

In the middle of my putting together an herbal health group remedy for him, an LPN (licensed practical nurse) walked in and wondered what in the world I was doing. I told her and assured her I wouldn't be feeding him any herbs. Instead, I am giving him a footbath with the herbs so that he can absorb them that way. I was also caught doing an energy balance over Marc's abdominal area. This involved sort of getting on the bed and hovering over him as I held my hands on each side of his abdomen until the "pulsing" stopped. He reported a significant relief from pain after I was done. Some may think this is just a placebo effect, to which I say, "So what?" The placebo effect is REAL. Why not use it?

You have to realize that my husband has been somewhat skeptical about my practices, but as I have been able to help him more and more, he is trusting my judgement on these things.

The doctor says the blood work is improving, but still holds that it was pancreatitis because of the blood work. Well, his pancreatic enzymes etc., are always wacky. He's diabetic, you see. The infection in his intestine is coming down but it looks like he will be in for a few more days. I am heading back up to the hospital this evening to give him an herbal foot bath.

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