Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Garnet, My Birthday Babesy Boy Posted by Hello

Today is my Babesy Boy's fifth birthday.

Garnet was born 8 weeks before my second daughter left home and he proved to be the comfort of my soul at that time. When he was only about a year old, he started waking up in the morning by greating me with a huge hug around my neck and a lovely wet kiss on the mouth. He is still the most affectionate and tender hearted of all my children. He hardly ever needed a swat on the bottom. Just a verbal scolding was enough to stop him in his tracks and make him melt into a puddle of repentance. He would often hang over my shoulder when I sat down anywhere and nearly strangle me with his hugs and cover me with kisses. I often needed those kisses and even now, as a big boy of five, he is still happy to oblige me with a hug and a kiss whenever I ask for it.

At an early age he developed a fascination for super heroes. Before the first Spiderman movie came out he watched an old Spiderman cartoon and from that point on, Spiderman was his favorite hero to emulate. Thankfully he didn't come equipped with spider webs or I am sure the house would have been festooned with them. One of his favorite games to play when he was just learning to talk was to ask me who I was. I was then supposed to reply, "I'm Superman!" to which he would answer, "I'm Spiderman!" Sometimes he would ask who he was and I would say, "You are Super Garnie!" which always netted a laugh.

Sometimes Garnet would get a bit cranky and whiney if he was tired. At that point I would send him to his room and tell him to stay there until he could be happy again. Within a few minutes, he would come out and announce in a sprightly tone of voice, "Mom! I'm happy now!"

Another favorite memory of mine has to do with another question I would ask him. To this day, he still responds to my question of "How much do you love me?" with arms wide open and the reply, "I love you BIG much!"

So here is to our birthday boy: May God grant you and us many more years to enjoy your sunshiney personality! We love you Garnie!

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