Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The Reverend Physician

Many thanks to Matt for pointing me to the above article by Dr. Val Finnell. Some of you may remember Dr. Finnell as a champion of historic postmillenialism. Dr. Finnell points out the very necessary consequence of working with people's health:

Nowhere do the physical and spiritual meet as intimately, poignantly, vulnerably and commonly as in the practice of medicine. Christian doctors would do well to jettison the left-over, Neo-Platonic “mind-body” dualism and start thinking of themselves as Levites who minister to the whole person.

In the millenium, schools of medicine will not only teach physiology, anatomy, pathology, herbology (heheh, couldn't resist), etc., they will teach theology and biblical counselling, or at least learning when to refer out to pastors, as well. Why? Because of the fact that when you try to separate the mind from the body, you accomplish a very truncated form of healing, if indeed, it takes place at all.

I am delighted to see that a fellow Christian and doctor sees what is so obvious to me.

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