Friday, June 18, 2004

Another Item Crossed Off My List

I have set myself Twelve Labors of Cheryl for the month of June. So far, four of the Labors have been completed:

~I baked and froze two wedding cakes with a total of six layers measuring from 14 inches down to 10 inches in diameter.

~I planted my flower bed out front.

~My oven and the oven drawer are now clean

~Today I extracted 20 pounds of dirt, cat hair and gravel from my carpets and living room furniture.

There is nothing like steam cleaning your carpets to convince you of how absolutely unhygenic and disgusting carpeting is. I wish now I had taken Don Aslett's advice in Make Your House Do the Housework and installed ceramic tile or wood floors through out the entire house. It costs more upfront, but it is easier to clean, wears for far longer and looks good indefinitely. If I am ever so dotty as to build another house again, I will NOT have carpeting in it. Carpets suck. I will also hire a carpenter to build my kitchen and bathroom cabinets. [Grumbles to self as she considers how she still does not have upper cabinets or cabinet doors on the lower cabinets in the kitchen or even a sink in one of the bathrooms after 13 years! I have wasted a good chunk of my life in wiping out the shelves on the lower cabinets daily because all the dirt falls in there and looks unsightly. The first thing you see in my kitchen is all the guts of my cupboards.]

Speaking of housecleaning, I wonder if some of the rules that we live by in this life will still be in operation in Heaven? For instance, in this life, it can take hours to clean a house well, depending on how thorough you want to be. It takes only minutes for a well rested toddler at the top of her form to trash it. Will things in heaven stay clean for as long as it took to clean them or longer? Will it work the other way instead? Five minutes to clean and weeks of results? Will we clean? Will we care?

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