Thursday, June 17, 2004


I should be used to this, but I am not -- seeing someone recover who was given up for by the medical community. This scenario is being played out more often in my life these days.

No, it isn't because I am such a great kinesionics practitioner, it is because people are adding things back into their diets that have been missing.

Call me thick and stupid if you will, but the lights came on for me the other day. Vitamin C deficiency results in scurvy, heart disease, and other bad things. Vitamin D deficiency causes rickets and other health problems. Vitamin B deficiency causes pellegra and insanity and contributes to neurological problems like schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder. We generally know this and most food is fortified to protect us from these diseases. So where does the "thick and stupid" part come in? I have been promoting glyconutrients for about 8 years now and it only occurred to me recently that the reason people develop chronic, debilitating and/or life-threatening auto-immune disorders like cancer, lupus, AIDS, and fibromyalgia, is because of a diet-related deficiency of glyconutrients which leads to a deficieny in the appropriate glycoproteins being made. I knew that glyconutrients were building blocks that the body used to repair itself, but for some reason I hadn't made the connection between why these worked on people who took them in sufficient quantity over a long enough period of tme and the deficiency aspect.

How critical are glycoproteins? You literally cannot live without them. Every cell in your body requires glycoproteins in order to communicate and live. When there is insufficient or defective glycoprotein synthesis, cells start to malfunction and miscommunicate. When the number of cells that are malfunctioning and miscommunicating are large enough, you have a disease, though it may take a long time for the symptoms of it to manifest. Cancer is a good example of this. Everyone has cancer cells being made in their body every day. If your immune system is functioning properly and your cells are communicating right, your immune system is able to destroy the cancer cells and take care of the problem. If the immune system is not communicating properly, it doesn't recognize the cancer cells and they are allowed to proliferate. Cancer is an evidence of an under-active immune system. Most cancers aren't discovered until you have had it for at least 15 years.

What about when the immune system is over active like in allergies and things like lupus? Again, lack of proper cell to cell communication is responsible. "Institute of Food Research experts found two types of cells critical for regulating the immune system stopped talking to each other.

This 'deafness' means certain cells continue to work when they would normally be programmed to switch off. "

The immune system turns on and forgets to shut off because the necessary components that allow communication to take place aren't there.

The relatively new information about glycobiology is beginning to trickle out to the mainstream now. For instance, Psychology Today recently published an article on the need of glyconutrients in the diet for proper cellular communication.

Expect to hear more and more about this in the near future. Mannarelief, a charitable organization that is dedicated to providing glyconutrients to sick, fragile and orphaned children around the world, will be taking part in 6 "Live Aid" concerts that will be telecast around the world. Mannarelief and glyconutrients were chosen as being one of the best means of assisting children born with AIDS to overcome their disease.

When I see people recovering from terminal cancer; when I see people who didn't have a life anymore because of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia being able to live a normal life, and when I see people with intractable and untreatable conditions recovering as a result of these supplements, it makes me rejoice that God brought them into my life and enables me to share them with others.

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