Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Brain Stimulation and Beyond: An Emergent Mind/Brain Technology That Can be Either Used for Treatment, or Can Potentially be Abused

The above linked article is written by Nicholas Regush, an investigative medical journalist who has worked for the likes of Peter Jennings' 20/20 and the Fifth Estate.

This is an intriguing article because it delves into the complex issues that face humankind in its quest to overcome brain disease and dysfunction, as well as the potential for using some of the developing technology as a means of controlling people.

Says Regush: "On the dark side, of course, is the possibility that greater understanding of how the brain works and the emergence of far more precise technology may one day translate into more potential for not-so-nice manipulation of human behavior.

"And just keep in mind that neuroscience hardly existed as a field until the 1960s. You might say the road map is still very imprecise, but the mapping system is now in high gear. "

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