Saturday, June 05, 2004

Lawful, Ethical, Wonderful Stem Cell Research!

One of the most abominable and wicked practices being carried on in scientific research these days is stem cell research that utilizes aborted babies as a source for research and as a source for stem cells for stem cell therapy.

It now appears that this type of research is completely obsolete and redundant and even counterproductive. In fact, it even appears that embryonic stem cells invariably cause tumors and other problems compared to stem cells that we produce as fully born individuals.

We all have stem cells that can be counted and observed for their function. The evidence is piling up that suggests that things that were considered irreversible, like Down's Syndrome, or Alzheimers may now be reversed because our own stem cells can be activated through glycoprotein technology. There are now a sizeable number of Down's children who have had their Down's reversed to the extent that even their facial features have changed (look at the bottom of the page). This is even more astounding -- the evidence seems to be coming in that suggests that cell repair is happening even at the DNA level.

It appears that we may have a glimpse of just how we will see a sinner dying young at 100 in the millenium. (Isaiah 65:20)

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