Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Let the Deluge Begin!

Well almost. Tonight the first of our guests are scheduled to arrive, and true to form, we are going to be ready for them by the skin of our teeth. Marc stayed home from a meeting last night to work on the bathroom vanity, but Elodie was disconsolate without mama and so the work was impeded. Hopefully he will be able to get everything installed tonight after work, but I won't be holding my breath because he also has a few business phone calls to take care of. As long as it is in by Wednesday night, I will be happy. That is when two more girls are arriving for one night before moving on to other accomodations.

Yesterday Trista came over and did a lot of cleaning for me; bless her. That allowed me to go out and pick up a few more supplies for the week. Today I have to bake some bread and muffins and put some finishing touches on cleaning some things. I have this morbid dread of not having enough food in the house, or that there won't be anything that they like.

Nathanael and Trahern will be deputized to pick people up from the airport later this evening and then deliver them to their destinations. I have a very large roast to go into the oven tomorrow and will be having a number of young people here for supper. The last of the company should be arriving on Thursday, and I think I'll have one or two showing up on Saturday, but that has yet to be confirmed. There is still a fair amount of musical houses going on with people switching where they are going to be and very few firmly settled. And still the cakes weigh heavy on my mind...

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