Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Yesterday was a scorcher with the temps getting up to 33 degrees celcius. Yes, I know. Those of you who live in the US are likely used to temperatures much hotter. But hey, this is Canada and one of the reasons I live here is because I don't like the heat! It makes me feel ill. Thankfully, a thunder storm blew in and cooled things down so that it was tolerable to sleep.

Some of the kids got a bit too much sun yesterday and went to bed slathered in Emprizone, a hydrogel product with aloe polymannins in it as well as other healing agents, and this morning they are not sore, but they look nicely rosy and tanned.

Today is promising to be as warm as yesterday, but we are going to keep indoors with the curtains drawn, sheets over the top of some, and things kept as cool as possible.

We are definitely noticing a shift in the climate in these parts. In our first winter in Prince George, we had tons of snow and it even snowed right into May. In past years we haven't seen snow that stayed until the middle to end of December. Our summers are getting warmer and dryer and forest fires are already threatening some of our towns, villages and cities.

This article makes me very thankful to be living in the country, especially when it is so hot out.

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