Monday, June 07, 2004

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The Warnings Began A Long Time Ago. We Were Advised That A Terrifying Nightmare Would Be Slowly Unleashed If Doctors Didn't Change Their Prescription Habits. Now It's Happening...

One man dies and 50 others are infected in Australia. In the U.S., this bug is also on the rise even in the community. And in Canada [PDF File], where similar infection is occurring, there have also been major outbreaks of yet another type of infection that is spreading in the community and affecting major hospitals. To make matters worse, experts in the U.K. warn that a new big bug, a nightmarish one that drugs can't kill, and one they call the "mother of all superbugs" will become a major threat to health. All this, mainly because doctors continue to be irresponsible in the way they prescribe antibiotics.

Moral of the Story: Take your glyconutrients, children. Your immune system is your best defense.

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