Monday, June 07, 2004

O saints who share His love, in Him be glad,
Who loved you, ere you a being had!
Why should you doubt His love to you, because
You cannot in yourself perceive the cause?
Twas not your worth of goodness could deserve
That He at first from death should you preserve
Nor will your worthlessness, nor vileness make,
Your loving Lord your souls again forsake.
It was the goodness of His sovereign will
Engaged him first, and will engage Him still,
And since He loved you from eternity,
Believe He'll do the same eternally.
Lay by your doubtings, then ye saints and raise
Melodious songs to your Redeemer's praise.

Hugh Clark

Those who lack the comfort of the doctrine of God's sovereignty in salvation lack the one thing that ensures a steady peace and trust in God. God's sovereignty over the affairs of man is the bedrock upon which our peace and comfort is built.

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